Beware of Toner Pirates!

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toner pirates

Just as real pirates often did, “toner pirates” portray themselves as something they’re not. Much like the infamous pirates of old, they are smooth-talking, persuasive and unscrupulous. Instead of swords and parrots, these pirates are armed with phone numbers and a script, calling businesses and tricking unsuspecting office personnel into thinking the call is from your office products dealer. Have you had toner show up at your door followed by a hefty invoice? You may have been a victim of this scam.

The Federal Trade Commission revealed recently that “toner pirates” are swindling companies out of millions of dollars with estimates around $200 million per year.  That’s a lot of booty! If your company has a phone you are a potential target.  The attack is often two pronged. First, a phone call is placed to determine what type of copier you have. They may ask your receptionist to verify the make and model of the machine as well as the name of the person who orders the supplies so they can “update their records”.

Equipped with that information a second call follows to relay the news that the price of your toner is about to go up or to offer special pricing, though you must take advantage of it that day.  Toner, which may be inferior in quality, may not work at all, and may damage your equipment, is quickly sent out. The invoice arrives later with prices anywhere from 2 to 10 times more than the market retail cost!

Quality Business Solutions offers our customers service agreements that include toner! QBS will never call asking you for the make, model or serial number of your machine to update our records or to offer you a special on toner. Should we need to contact you, our Administrative Department staff will always identify themselves by name and let you know they’re calling from QBS.

Protect yourself from pirates! Don’t let them plunder yer bank account and scuttle yer equipment! Make sure the employees tasked with answering your phones know the Quality Business Solutions name.  When in doubt, give us a call – we are here to help!

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