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When searching for a reliable PC or laptop (referred to hereon as just PCs), the business consumer is peppered with online and print ads touting attractive prices for sleek new machines. However, as has been proven time and again with countless products, it’s what’s inside that counts. Without a thorough knowledge of computer specifications, the purchase of a machine that will prove to be not what was needed is highly likely. There are PCs made for business use and PCs made for home use. Let’s go over some basics.

Business-use PCs, available through resellers like QBS, are designed to accommodate more frequent use and are equipped with components that stand up well to multi-tasking. Their operating systems (Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise) are the versions that supports company technologies like domain membership, remote access and enhanced data security. Warranties are often for three or more years. Business-use PCs tend to have beefy processors, right-sized RAM and power supplies and hard drives meant for the constant demands of business. Business-use PCs are customizable through the reseller or computer manufacturer.

Home-use PCs, available through most walk-in retail outlets and online consumer sites, are designed for occasional use and come pre-installed with the Home version of the operating system, many “beneficial” programs like games, photo and music management utilities, and PC maintenance applications (which usually just take up needed memory and hard disk space). Home-use PCs usually are equipped with weaker and slower processors, an overabundance of RAM (for basic users) and hard disks that would take a lifetime to fill. At face value, the extra programs, large amounts of RAM and hard disk space may seem attractive, but left unused, it’s often a waste of hard disk space and money. Home-use PCs are usually configured in mass quantities and sold with few options.

The bottom line is that a business-use PC is made to last longer and support more demanding programs and usage. Additionally, replacement parts for business-use PCs are more readily available. It’s for these reasons that business-use PCs are more costly than home-use PCs. The best way to avoid any confusion when considering a PC purchase is to call QBS. A short conversation with them will leave you with a clearer vision of the right PC for your business.

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