Meter Readings and FMAudit

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We are now offering FMAudit software as a benefit with our Service Agreements. FMAudit allows us to automatically receive meter readings from the machines that are covered under your Service Agreement. This will ensure that we provide accurate and timely billing for your Service Agreement.

The FMAudit On-Site software utility would be installed onto a PC within your internal network. It listens to status messages that the printers/copiers routinely produce through the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). These are the same messages that allow your computer to know whether the machine is off-line or on-line, and tells your computer that the printer is out of paper. From the SNMP messages, FMAudit will routinely obtain the meter information, toner levels, and critical errors. It collects this data and sends it to a secured server maintained by the FMAudit software developer, ECi Software Solutions.  From there, our software interface program collects the meter readings for our billing system, ensuring accurate and timely billing by eliminating administrator input.  

How can you get FMAudit?

It would be our pleasure to configure this for you as soon as possible. It is best to install the local FMAudit On-Site program to a PC that remains on at all times. Typically, our customers elect to install the program onto one of their servers, but the program has no problem running on a standard desktop PC.

There are several ways to complete the software installation. We find it most effective to accomplish this through a Remote Assistance connection to the server or PC that will be hosting the FMAudit On-site software. However, if you are more comfortable with us installing the program personally, we would be glad to arrange for our technician to visit. Additionally, we can send a link to your network administrator and guide them through the installation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we may enhance the services we provide to you. Please call our office at 410-337-3700 to arrange an appointment to complete the installation by the method you choose.

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