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These days, it is more important than ever to rank highly on Google search results. And the more quality content you have that is regularly updated, the better. That’s why when we make a website at Quality Business Solutions, we make sure to use SEO techniques to optimize your site for a high Google ranking. We also encourage you to post regularly on your blog, and if you don’t have one, then we recommend starting one. We can help you with that as well.

Some SEO factors that influence Google Rank:

  • content length
  • keyword density
  • image optimization
  • recently and frequently updated content

The length of your content is important because the more words you have, the more your content probably covers, and the better for search results. Also, this usually means that your keywords are being used more often in each post, having a high “keyword density”, which helps your Google search rank as well.¬†Having a certain keyword appear more than any other acts as a signal that the content is relevant.

Another factor that influences SEO is image optimization. You should try to always have a title, description, and alt tags for each image on your website. And if your keyword is in that image information, then all the better.

The frequency and recency of your content matters too. If you post regularly then it shows that the site is legitimate and useful. Also, more recently edited or published pages and posts tend to rank higher, especially on time sensitive searches, where the person searching specifies a time range that they feel will get them the most relevant search results.

Here at Quality Business Solutions, our goal is to make your site the best it can be, and that includes how it ranks on Google. If you want to find out more about what we can do for your website, head over to our web design page and read on.

2 thoughts on “SEO: Searching for Status

  1. Thanks for the tips, but when it comes to writing articles it’s so hard to keep a balance between keeping the post helpful and lengthy at the same time, because the more words I use the more the reader becomes tired of reading, but at the same time it increases my Google ranking, the struggle is real.

    1. You are very right in that, George. The struggle IS real. Sometimes it’s hard to write a long article that will appeal to your audience. It’s even hard for us to get to the SEO recommended 300 words sometimes. If your point is short and sweet, there’s nothing requiring you to write a long post about it, even though it will help your results ranking to have a longer post. It’s really a balancing act. Some short posts, some long posts, but all should be relevant.

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