Quality Account Managers Create Quality Experiences

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Everyone at Quality Business Solutions wants to help you reach your goals and make sure you have a good experience along the way. This especially applies to our Account Managers. Our Account Manager team is dedicated to ensuring your technology dollars are wisely invested. When our Account Managers make first contact with a potential customer, they start gathering helpful information. This is an involved, but necessary, process, but they are simply asking the right questions in order to help everyone involved. They need certain information about a customer’s current equipment, lease expiration dates, and anything else the customer can provide about their current copier, printer, postage meter, etc.

By getting a copy of the potential customer’s existing lease agreement, we can assess the terms and conditions of their lease. This allows us to properly identify when to contact the leasing company with a Letter of Intent, or LOI. This is done to prevent the current lease from going into renewal and costing the customer more money. Our Account Managers can send the customer a copy of the LOI for placement on their company letterhead to be faxed, emailed, and/or sent by certified mail to the leasing company.

We know our customers have so many other important things going on in their offices. We try to help them save time and money by gathering all the information we can. We want to make sure their current leases do not roll over into another year of payments for an inadequate contract.

If you’re not a Quality Business Solutions customer yet, and want a better experience with your office equipment, or any of the other services we provide, please contact us today. Our Account Managers will be happy to assist you in any way they can. QBS is “Your Total Office Source” and we’re here to help you work smarter.