Like to Live Dangerously?

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Are you a gambler? You may be, and you don’t even know it. If you’re backing up valuable data to a USB-connected drive, you’re one of the many gamblers who may one day find themselves facing a devastating loss. Whether the flash drive is small enough to fit in your pocket or one of the many models that are as large or larger than a deck of cards, using them to backup data is not a safe practice. Memory chip-based drives can be lost, stolen or fail. Disk-based drives are prone to failure from electronics or mechanical failure. Both cannot hold more than a few days’ worth of corporate data backups.

Documents, email and other crucial information are the lifeblood of your business. Should your company server or PCs experience a hard drive crash, you stand to lose valuable information. In addition, your company will be subjected to downtime and lost productivity. When this happens (and it is more of a “when” than an “if”), the best recovery method is to restore the lost data quickly and completely.

The most secure and economical method for ensuring data is kept current and safe is cloud-based backup. Yes, you could use a local disk-based system or tape drive, but that will require an equipment purchase and the requisite disks or tapes, as well as software to do the backups. Cloud-based backup however, requires only the purchase of the plan and the installation of a backup agent software package on the machine to be backed up. Some backup systems, such as the one Quality Business Solutions offers, require that the agent be installed on only one machine on the network. From there, it can reach out and backup data from other servers and PCs.

Backup services offered by QBS come with monitoring and reporting, and are far less costly than most well-known consumer backup services. Also, data can be retained for up to 90 days. This means that if you backup an Excel file on say, July 15, those files will be available for restoration until October 15, even though they may be changed and backed up every day in between.

Think about how important your data is to your business. If you depend on that data to run your business, you should do anything you can to safeguard it. Give QBS a call to learn about the many ways we can help keep your business running through our backup process and our many other IT services.

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