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Accurate citation listings contribute to site-wide trust and authority, thereby affecting SEO. Citation listings are listings of your company’s Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) on various trusted directory and social media sites. Often, additional information such as a short company description, industry category, and photos are also included.

Citation listings are a significant ranking factor in competitive local search markets and can dramatically improve your local search results by strengthening search engine “trust” in the validity of your business’ existence.

It is essential to claim and verify business listings on these important third-party websites and ensure there are no discrepancies to help your local search engine rankings, as well as increase web traffic.

Cleaning up the discrepancies by going to each individual listing site is exceedingly time-consuming, often confusing for clients, and tedious.  Quality Business Solutions, therefore, uses a third-party software that continuously monitors and corrects citations so your business or organization is represented accurately across all channels. 

QBS Marketing Tip

Customer Testimonials – Keep it Current and Real.
We’re all in this together. That feeling makes it natural for consumers to rely more heavily on testimonials and ratings in their buying process. People trust people, especially if they feel connected to that person. You can’t buy trust – but you can build it by using customer testimonials that speak to potential customers in an honest and believable way.

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