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Digital Marketing:  Mix Up Your Approach

Why choose just one form of online advertising?  Smaller businesses often do not have enough resources to spread their advertising to different media.  Because of that, they choose one form of advertising (like SEO / Search Engine Optimization). Although SEO is the perfect place to start, today’s customers are found in many different places so it’s not the only tactic you should use.

The foundation of our digital marketing plans includes SEO, but then we take it a step further. Each customized plan has some hand-selected, high impact strategies designed to provide faster and better lead or sale generation.

Quality Business Solutions digital marketing plans are perfect for businesses that need a comprehensive blend of services. These plans are designed to reach multiple channels and therefore more customers

For one fixed budget, we can include SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Local Marketing and more – helping businesses compete more effectively and drive larger amounts of pre-qualified traffic to their website.

KEYWORD RESEARCH: A crucial part of your SEO success is selecting the right keywords – ones that are highly popular and also realistically obtainable. Starting with a few of your phrases, we dig into the actual number of searches (locally and nationwide on Google) to analyze the popularity, user intent and competitive factors. We develop an expanded list of targeted phrases with a high probability of success.

PAGE OPTIMIZATION: We then match the selected keywords to the most relevant pages in your website. Your site pages are optimized, injecting the new keywords and creating custom Meta tags (Title and Meta Description). We also optimize every aspect of your site including link structure, image alt tags, page content, heading tags, keyword density and keyword placement.

GOAL TRACKING: We setup a Google Analytics account if you don’t have one and install all the necessary, updated scripts in your website. We also setup goal tracking for any actionable elements on your site (sales, web forms).

SUBMISSIONS: XML sitemaps are a way for Google and other major search engines to be able to easily crawl your website. We create a valid XML sitemap and submit all of your site pages to Google and Bing.

SOCIAL SETUP: Social media placement is important for all businesses so we will setup your profile on three major social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) and provide a professionally written bio, cover image and link to your website.

QBS Marketing Tip

Tell the Truth / Gain Trust – do not exaggerate.
Consumers will often take time to make buying decisions – carefully weighing all the options. Although enthusiasm is good – slow down on the marketing hype and focus on building solid relationships by presenting trustworthy information that will help them make a better decision. Maintain confidence and a passionate attitude but use a softer sell approach.

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