Data Backup

Onsite tape backup is becoming the most popular method for businesses to back-up their critical data. Although tape technology and tape media has experienced numerous improvements, the advantages of online data backup are abundant yet often overlooked.

“The failure rate of tape drives is 100% – all drives eventually fail.”

Source: Price Waterhouse Cooper

Level of Capital Expenditure High. Especially for large data volumes or complex backup requirements. Low. An ongoing monthly operating fee, depending on how much data you want to backup.
Total Cost of Ownership Moderate. Hardware purchase and maintenance costs, human resources needed for running and cleaning tape drives. Low. Per GB monthly fees reduce as storage volumes grow.
Maintenance and Management High. Human resources are required to manage and maintain tape backup processes as well as recover data. Low. Management of online data backup processes can be pushed to the user level.
Scalability Low. Limited flexibility when storage volumes increase or backup strategies change. High. The infrastructure enabling your data volumes can grow without restraints.
Data Security Low. Tapes can be lost, stolen or damaged in even the most well-managed tape backup procedures. High. Copies of your data are stored in an encrypted format in redundant and secure data centers.
Automation Moderate. Automated tape backup installations require manual intervention to remotely store copies. High. The entire online data backup process is managed by the client software and storage network.
Reliability Low. Tapes are subject to numerous environmental conditions and can suffer from reliability issues. High. Data is stored on multiple disks at multiple sites. All are constantly monitored and engineers are on call 24/7.
Protection Low. Data is generally stored in an unencrypted format making theft a significant risk. High. Data is encrypted when in transit and in storage, eliminating the risk of it being compromised.
Ease of Data Restoration Low. Time intensive processes are required in order to restore large data sets. High. Individual or multiple files can be restored quickly and easily by the user.
Future Proof No. As storage technology evolves your tape backup investment can quickly become obsolete. Yes. Online backup hosts continually invest in performance hardware to meet customers' storage requirements.
Required Length of Backup Window Long. Large data volumes and longer working hours are continually shortening tape backup windows. Short. Backups can take place while users are working and incremental backups shorten the backup cycle.

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